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Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Rent Out Bahamas Vacation Home For A Cool $15k A Night!

Have you ever spent $15,000 a night on a vacation home? Probably not. If you stayed there four nights, you’d be down $60,000, which is basically the average annual salary for people living in the United States. So yeah, most people aren’t dropping a year’s worth of paychecks on four nights in the Bahamas.

But Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce aren’t most people. Swift is a billionaire and Kelce makes around $15 million a year, so you know, $15,000 a night is nothing to them.

The lovebirds were photographed vacationing at the luxurious Rosalita House on Harbour Island. The oceanside mansion has six bedrooms, a pool, beautiful gardens, a gym, a personal chef, three butlers and three housekeepers.

The home’s kitchen is fully equipped with chef-grade appliances that compliment its coastal-contemporary features including white cabinetry, exposed beam ceilings and iridescent-tiled walls. The pantry is fully stocked with ‘staples and spices’ and the chefs prepare lunch and dinner using the onsite vegetable garden. Food can also be prepared in the pizza oven, charcoal grill, or gas grill, depending on the day’s cuisine and guests have the option to dine indoors or outside.

This place is a favorite with celebrities. Kylie Jenner stayed here back in 2020 just before the pandemic spread across the globe.

It’s not clear how long Swift and Kelce plan to enjoy the vacation life, but they’re probably soaking up as much time as possible together. Kelce is currently in offseason mode, and Swift is in between world tours, but that won’t last long. She’ll back on the road in May, and then two months later, Kelce will be back in training camp.

March and April are the only two months they have!