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Is Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Settling Down? Rumored Girlfriend Has Ring On That Special Finger

49-year-old movie star Leonardo DiCaprio has been a bachelor for most of his life. He is known for only dating women under the age of 24, but he recently broke his own rule by dating 25-year-old model Vittoria Ceretti.

The two stars have been dating for around a year now. They were first spotted out in public together at a club in Ibiza last summer.

On Tuesday, they were photographed eating lunch together at a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles. Leo was dressed casually, as usual, and even had a face mask strapped to his chin. He honestly looked more like a waiter than a celebrity, and that’s probably how he likes it.

But the focus wasn’t on him. It was on Ceretti’s left hand. She wore a ring on that special finger.

Does that look like an engagement ring to you? Looks like it to us! It’s on her ring finger and it’s big and flashy! She has not posted the ring on any of her Instagram photos yet, so it might be a new thing.

The couple showed some rare PDA, with DiCaprio sweetly feeding his burrito to the brunette beauty. In another adorable moment, Ceretti wrapped her arm around DiCaprio’s shoulders as they ordered their meal at the counter.

Leo is approaching 50, so maybe he’s finally over dating girls who are still in college. Heck, maybe he even wants to start a family? It’s possible!