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Fans Are Convinced Ricky Martin Got A Massive Erection While Onstage At Madonna Concert

You probably didn’t expect to wake up on a Tuesday morning and read a headline about Ricky Martin getting a “massive erection” at a Madonna concert, but here we are.

The “Livin’ La Vida Loca” singer made a special appearance onstage at Madonna’s “Celebration” tour stop in Miami this past weekend. He was invited on the stage to help Madonna judge the outfits being worn by her backup dancers as they strutted down the runway.

At one point, one of the dancers came up to him and proceeded to nestle between his legs, simulating oral sex, as another dancer came up from behind and thrusted.

It was pretty explicit, and after the dancers left, it looked as if Martin had a major boner…

It certainly looks like he has a tent situation going on there, but in his defense, the pants he was wearing were a little baggy, so it’s possible this could have just been the fabric bunching up.

Fans are convinced he was aroused though. One person wrote, “Was someone getting a little excited?” and another user commented, “MY GOD RICKY RETURN THAT FIRE EXTINGUISHER YOU KEPT BETWEEN YOUR LEGS.”

Martin did not address the comments. Instead, he played it cool by simply posting the video to his social media accounts.