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Every One Of OJ Simpson’s Kids Reportedly Visited Him Before His Death

As we told you earlier this week, OJ Simpson passed away at the age of 76 after being diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. He tried to deny he was sick for many months, even as reports of him being in hospice care surfaced.

But it looks like his family and friends knew his death was coming for a long time. According to insiders, Simpson had nearly 50 visitors before he took his last breath.

The former football star had four kids in total, and according to TMZ, all four of them visited him before he died, even the two youngest ones, Sydney and Justin, who he had with Nicole Brown Simpson. You know, the woman he totally didn’t murder?

The outlet claimed that all of OJ’s loved ones signed NDAs and were not allowed to have their phones in the room while saying their goodbyes.

Ah. How sweet that he got privacy and respect during his death.

It’s unclear exactly when his 4 children arrived, but by the end … they were all there as he died peacefully. The family members included his 2 children with Nicole and his 2 older ones with Marguerite Whitley … Jason and Arnelle.

Sydney and Justin have never spoken publicly about their father. We don’t know where they stand on the whole thing. Do they believe he murdered their mother? It’s not clear, but it doesn’t appear they had that strong of a connection with him.

According to TMZ, Simpson was in pretty bad shape in his final days. He couldn’t really talk much at all and spent most of the time sleeping.