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Tom Cruise Did WHAAAT At Victoria Beckham’s 50th Birthday Party?

Tom Cruise lives to entertain, and he did just that at Victoria Beckham’s star-studded 50th birthday party this past weekend. For those unaware, Cruise has known Victoria and David Beckham for nearly 20 years. They are very close friends.

So of course he got an invite to her special birthday bash, and according to insiders at the party, Cruise shocked everyone there by breakdancing and doing the splits on the dance floor.

And he did all this while dressed in a classic black tuxedo with a bow tie and shiny black shoes.

Pretty dang impressive. And we have to remember the dude is 61-years-old! He’s living real good.

Several other stars attended this birthday party, including Beckham’s Spice Girls pals. The famous girl group even staged an impromptu reunion to perform their 1997 track, ‘Stop‘, for everyone at the shindig.

Other celebs at the event? Eva Longoria and Gordon Ramsay. Insiders say the birthday party was a huge hit, despite the fact that Victoria had to show up in crutches after breaking her foot during an intense workout earlier this year.