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Andrew Shulz Claims Kim Kardashian Showed Little Emotion And Was Robotic Like At Tom Brady Roast

Comedian Andrew Shulz might be trying to start a “Kim Kardashian is a robot” conspiracy. The 40-year-old comedian went on his “Flagrant” podcast this week to talk about his time at the Tom Brady roast.

And he took a moment to discuss Kim Kardashian, who was famously booed at the roast. She wasn’t booed for a bad joke, she was booed for simply existing. It was a bit of an awkward moment.

But Shulz claims we shouldn’t feel too bad for her because he’s not 100% convinced she actually has human emotions. He says she sat “with perfect posture” for over three hours at the roast. He also claims she seemed “disassociated” the entire time.

[She] smiled, laughed. I’ve never seen anything like that. Completely unaffected. Even when she was up there, they were kind of booing her. It didn’t make her smile. It didn’t make her sad. It was nothing.

According to the comedian, some guy even yelled, “Bitch!” at her during her brief set, but she didn’t seem impacted by that either.

That does sound pretty strange, but honestly, it checks out. Kim has probably had to “disassociate” in order to protect her feelings, you know? She takes a beating online, and likely in public too. If she allowed herself to feel all that, well, it’d probably be too much to handle.

She’s in survival model. Also, she has f**k you money, so your words can only have so much of an impact.