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Kelly Rowland Gets Heated At Cannes, Gets Into Argument With Security Guard

Kelly Rowland is quickly earning her “Diva” title. The former Destiny’s Child star made headlines earlier this year after she walked off the set of the ‘Today‘ show because her dressing room wasn’t up to her standards.

Co-anchor Hoda Kotb admitted she was bummed by Kelly’s last minute departure, and even revealed she offered to share her dressing room with the former pop star. Apparently though, that wasn’t good enough for Kelly.

And now, the 43-year-old singer is flexing her diva muscles again, this time at the Cannes Film Festival. She was attending the premiere of the French film, Marcello Mio, when a female security guard held up her arm to guide Kelly up the steps.

But apparently, Kelly thought she was trying to hold her up, and she started berating her. An insider claims…

The people who are assigned to helping stars walk the red carpet were being aggressive and Kelly was trying to ignore it. By the time [Rowland] got to the last woman she had had it because she scolded Kelly and told her to move when she was trying to wave to fans and help the paparazzi get their shot.

Another source claims Kelly doesn’t care if she comes across like a diva, “She’s advocating for herself. She isn’t fake.”

That’s one way to put it! Advocating for yourself. We should all start saying that when we’re being a dick.