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Jennifer Lopez Tells Reporter “You Know Better Than That” After Being Asked About Ben Affleck Split


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The split rumors continue to follow Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez around. There’s a lot of noise, and it’s hard to tell if we should be listening to it all.

Some insiders claim Ben is itching to get divorced. They say he must have been in a “fever dream” for the past two years because he’s waking up now and can’t believe he’s actually married to Lopez. Apparently, they’re two very different people with two very different lifestyles.

Other evidence of a split? Lopez was reportedly home shopping in Los Angeles earlier this month, although, her reps claim she was simply looking for an investment property. Meanwhile, Ben was spotted without his wedding band earlier this month as well.

Still though, neither star has addressed the rumors, and it doesn’t look like that’ll be changing anytime soon.

Lopez was in Mexico City this week promoting her upcoming film ‘Atlas‘ and was fielding questions from a slew of reporters. One reporter got brave and asked her about the divorce rumors.

The 54-year-old star responded, “You know better than that,” with a slight smile. She was clearly trying to shut the question down while still keeping things light. Her co-star, Simu Liu, came to her defense as well, saying, “We’re not doing that.”

It’s worth noting that Lopez and Ben were spotted together last week for the first time in a month. They were spotted attending a play that Ben’s 15-year-old daughter was in. And as you can seen in the photo below, they appear to be happy, and Ben was wearing his wedding band.