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Cardi B Reacts To Haters Calling Her Fat By Chowing Down On Huge Stack Of Pancakes

Cardi B raised more than a few eyebrows this past weekend when she performed in a tight leopard-print catsuit at Drai’s nightclub. We’re used to seeing Cardi show off her body, but several of her fans (and haters) noticed a little bit of a difference.

She looked, uh, thicker?


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As you can see, it looks like that suit is just barely holding everything in. There were several reactions, with some trolls straight up calling her fat, while others accused her of having bad plastic surgery.

Cardi heard the critics and decided to clap back by filming herself eating lots of pancakes. She posted a video on social media, spraying a bunch of whipped cream on three pancakes.

“I’m getting body-shamed. I’m so sad,” she joked, and then added, “Everybody saying that I look fat and that my ass is so fat. Everybody hates me.”

She then proceeded to take massive bites of her pancakes, clearly not giving much of a f**k about the haters calling her fat. Still though, people in the comments wanted to clarify they didn’t call her fat, they just said she had some botched plastic surgery.

One person wrote, “you are BOTCHED not fat.”

Another user commented, “No one said your [sic] fat we said those surgeries look crazy.”

… yikes. Pancakes won’t fix that!