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Scott Disick Says He Was Eating An Entire Bag Of Hawaiian Rolls And Drinking 20 Ginger Ales A Day Before Ozempic

If you haven’t been following the life of Scott Disick, then you might not know that the 41-year-old gained a lot of weight a year or two ago after injuring his back in a car crash.

He revealed that he couldn’t even have sex anymore due to the pain, and apparently he fell into a pretty deep depression. During a recent episode of ‘The Kardashians’ Khloe Kardashian commented on his recent weight loss. He’s been pretty honest about using an Ozempic-like drug to lose weight.

“Honestly, I had no idea how horrible it was,” he responded, remembering how much he was eating every single day.

I was pounding a whole box of Hawaiian rolls every night. I love them, but I didn’t realize what I was doing. I was drinking 20 ginger ales. I didn’t know it was the same as soda. It just seemed like it was a soothing drink.

Yikes. That’s pretty wild. It’s honestly surprising he didn’t gain even more weight. Since taking the weight-loss drug, Disick has cleaned up his diet. He showed off his fridge, which was filled with low-calorie drinks, fruit, and almond milk.

And while Khloe was happy for him, she noted he probably needed to put the brakes on even more weight loss. There’s been some photos of Disick recently, and he was looking pretty gaunt.

Might be time for some more rolls!