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Get Your Moles Checked! Kevin Jonas Is Recovering After Minor Surgery To Remove Skin Cancer


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Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world, and thankfully, it’s also one of the most treatable… but only if you catch it before it spreads.

This is why it’s especially important to take note of any moles or spots you have on your body. You need to be checking them regularly, to watch out for any changes in size or color.

Just ask Kevin Jonas. The 36-year-old musician posted a clip to his Instagram this week, showing a mole at the top of his forehead.

Yes, that is an actual little skin cancer guy that has started to grow. And now I have to get surgery to remove it, so here we go.

He then showed off the bandage following the procedure to show off the incision, which he covered with an emoji, apparently he didn’t want to scare anyone with blood.

Shortly after the procedure, he was able to drive home, telling the camera, “Alright, I’m all done. Now it’s time to heal. Heading home. Make sure to get those moles checked people.”

It’s super important for celebs to share moments like this. It sounds dramatic, but this video alone could save a life. If you have a spot on your skin that’s concerning you… GET IT CHECKED! Don’t wait until it spreads through your body.