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‘Power’ Actor Micheal Rainey Jr. Was Groped During Livestream By Streamer’s Sister… YIKES!

‘Power Book II: Ghost’ actor Michael Rainey Jr. is still “in shock” after he was sexually assaulted by streamer Tylil James’ sister during a livestream.

The video, which has been shared all over the internet, shows Rainey standing on the side, wearing a hat and glasses. He’s looking at the screen when James’ sister comes over from the side and appears to grab his junk. You can see how shocked he looks as he removes her hands and then covers himself up.

That’s some wild behavior there. Rainey and his friends reportedly left the streamer’s house just minutes later. Right after the incident, James tried to defend his sister’s behavior by saying she wasn’t used to being around celebrities. But hours later, he sent out a formal apology to Rainey and wrote, “My little sister was completely wrong and out of line. What she did was very inappropriate and unacceptable. I am truly embarrassed and disgusted by her actions.”

As for Rainey? Well, he spoke out recently on his Instagram Stories, writing that he’s still trying to process what happened…

Pretty crazy stuff. If that’s how she reacts around Rainey, who is not exactly an A-Lister, we can’t imagine what she’d do if Michael B. Jordan walked inside her living room.