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Ben Affleck Meets With Jennifer Lopez At The Mansion They’re Reportedly Selling Amid Split Rumors

At this point, we all just want Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez to come out and either confirm the divorce rumors or deny them, because damn, the speculation is insane.

Some of you may have heard that Ben and Jen have placed their $60 million mansion in Beverly Hills on the market, just one year after buying the property in cash. It was supposed to be their forever home. They looked at dozens of mansions before buying this one, so for them to list it just one year later? Certainly seems like there is trouble in paradise.

On Sunday night (June 9) Affleck was spotted visiting with Lopez at the mansion for around four hours. He reportedly got there at around 5 pm and left at around 9 pm. This seems to confirm the rumor suggesting he’s no longer sleeping at the house with Lopez.

Lopez and Affleck purchased the 43,000-square-foot house in cash for $60.85 million in May 2023. The home features 17 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms and parking for 80 vehicles as well as an indoor sports complex, a sports bar, outdoor lounging and a zero-edge pool.

They’re reportedly trying to sell it for $65 million, but we’ll see if they actually get that much.

It’s worth noting that just two weeks ago, E! News co-host Justin Sylvester claims he saw Ben and Jen enjoying a nice dinner together, and he says they looked happy.

How do I say this on daytime TV? They looked like they still are enjoying one another. They looked like they were happy at a restaurant. They were chilling. He was his normal broody self. She was talking his ear off. Like, they looked like they were in good form.

What does that mean? Well, it means either the split rumors are exaggerated, or they’re being mature about the split and are remaining close friends.