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Joe Jonas Moving On With Actress Laila Abdallah In Greece, See The Photos!

Joe Jonas has been a busy man following his divorce from Sophie Turner. For those who don’t remember, he shocked the world by filing for divorce from Turner back in 2023. They had a pretty nasty divorce and custody battle in the following months.

But as soon as the dust settled, Jonas moved on with a model named Stormi Bree.

They were going solid for around four months, but they split two weeks ago, and now Jonas has already found himself a new love bug.

He was spotted getting real close to actress Laila Abdallah in Greece this past weekend. They were hanging in the ocean, play fighting with each other, hugging and just looking very much like a couple.

No word on how serious they are, but it’s clear Joe is enjoying his time in the dating world. He’s out there trying all the different flavors of ice cream.

As for Sophie? She has reportedly moved on with aristocrat Peregrine “Perry” Pearson. She was spotted kissing him a couple months back, and last we heard, they’re still together.