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Jamie Foxx Finally Reveals Why He Was Hospitalized… KINDA?

Last year, Jamie Foxx nearly died. Some of you may remember following the story of his mystery medical condition. Friends and family were super secretive about his exact condition, but they asked fans for lots of prayers.

He was in the hospital for multiple weeks and then had to spend another month or two at a rehab facility in Chicago. The rehab facility specializes in stroke care, so people were speculating that’s what happened to Foxx.

Now, over one year later, Foxx is finally giving some clues as to what happened. While speaking to a random group of people in downtown Phoenix, the 56-year-old actor/singer remembered that fateful day back in April of 2023. He said he woke up with a pounding headache and asked a friend for some Advil.

And that was the last thing he remembers. “I was gone for 20 days. I don’t remember anything,” he revealed in the video. He added that his sister and daughter made sure he got the best medical care. He said one doctor told them, “There’s something going on up there,” as he pointed to his head.

“I won’t say it on camera,” he quickly added, so he’s still kinda teasing us. But him pointing to his head does give us some clues. We do know brain aneurysms can cause a severe headache, but they also come with some other symptoms as well. Also, if you’re lucky enough to survive one, you don’t typically need months of recovery time.

Another illness that can cause an extreme headache? Stroke. Apparently, stroke-related headaches are typically associated with a specific type of stroke called hemorrhagic stroke. Both aneurysms and strokes cause bleeding in the brain, but the reason as to why the bleeding is happening can be different.

But again, this is all just speculation. We still don’t know for sure what happened to Foxx, but the most important thing to remember is that he seems to be 100% now, and for that, we’re super grateful. The dude is so damn talented.