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Insider Claims Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Have Been Separated For Months

Even though there’s been no official confirmation from Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, most people seem to believe their marriage is over.

And according to a new insider, it’s been over for several months now. Sources say they’ve been separated since March, but Affleck is “very protective” of her, so they’ve been trying to keep it a secret.

Rumors of the couple’s split hit a fever pitch in May after Affleck was noticeably absent from J.Lo’s side at major red carpet events — like the Met Gala, which she co-chaired this year. He also didn’t accompany her to the premiere of her new Netflix project, ‘Atlas.’

They’ve also reportedly put up the mansion they bought together back on the market, which seems to be another sign that their marriage is done. You’ll remember, they spent many months trying to find the perfect place together, so for them to turn around one year later and sell the dream home? There must be trouble.

Affleck hasn’t been staying at the home for a couple months now. He’s moved back to Brentwood to be closer to his kids. Insiders say he moved out his stuff while Lopez was on a solo vacation in France.

But still, there’s been no official confirmation, and occasionally, Ben is still photographed wearing his wedding ring, so who knows… maybe they’re trying to work things out? Couples therapy? MAYBE? DON’T LET US DOWN BENNIFER!