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Was Julia Roberts Really Caught Flirting With Taylor Swift’s Boo Travis Kelce On Camera?

Some hardcore Swifties are putting Julia Roberts on their sh*t list this week. The beloved 56-year-old actress was spotted hanging with Travis Kelce inside a VIP tent at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour stop in Dublin.

A fan from outside the tent took a video of Roberts talking to Kelce, and as you can see, she appeared to be tickling his chest and rubbing his arm.

@kelleyfarrelly Hugging julia roberts no less!!☘️🧡💚🤸‍♀️ #taylorswift #eras #erasdublin #traviskelce ♬ original sound – Hannah Brown

You can see he appears to be a little uncomfortable with all the touching. One user wrote, “Wow, handsy much? The scratching?What is her problem?”

Another person called her actions in the video “cringe,” but others were quick to defend her, claiming she’s just that type of person. They also pointed out how Roberts is like an aunt to Swift and she was likely just telling Travis how happy she was for them.

And while that’s probably true, we do love some gossip, and by the looks of this video from comedian Nikki Glaser, her parents love the drama as well.

Check out their hilarious reaction to the video below…