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‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl Finally Speaks, Shuts Down Rumors That She Was A Teacher

If you’ve been on the internet for even a second the past week or two, chances are extremely high you’ve seen the viral ‘Hawk Tuah‘ girl interview.

The short clip, which has been viewed millions of times, shows 21-year-old Hailey Welch and her friend being interviewed by one of those annoying TikTok street interviewers.

Welch appears to be a little drunk, and when she was asked what “one move” in bed makes a man go crazy every time, she grabbed the microphone and said, “You gotta give them that…” and then she made a spitting noise. That’s where the “Hawk Tuah” comes from.

After the clip went mega viral, there were reports floating around claiming she was a teacher and had been fired from her job.

But now in a new interview on the “Plan Bri Uncut” podcast, the 21-year-old meme revealed those rumors are completely false. She was not a teacher. “I’m not even old enough to be a teacher,” she laughed. She said she worked in a bed spring factory.

She also talked about how her family reacted to the clip…

They think it’s so funny. They know how I am though because you can never tell what comes out of my mouth … I just talk out of my ass.

Welch does say she doesn’t want to this to be her image. She wants to be known for more than just this. “There is more to come. Don’t worry,” she hinted.

We’re not sure how she’s going to turn this into an actual respectable career, but we’re rooting for her!