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Kanye West’s Attorney Claims The Rapper Won’t Pay Or Speak To Him

Kanye West has a number of lawsuits against him and an entire team of attorneys representing him, but it looks like at least one of the attorneys is dropping out.

Attorney Brian Brumfield has requested to be relieved from representing the 47-year-old rapper in his suit against an autograph dealer who accused West of punching him.

Brumfield claims West hasn’t talked to him in several weeks and refuses to pay him. The hearing to make a decision on this matter has been scheduled for July 29, but perhaps now that Brumfield has went public with this, West will settle this before the court date.

In addition to this legal drama, West is also being sued by a former Yeezy staffer who claims West’s wife, Bianca Censori, sent NSFW materials to staff, some of which were accessible to minors.

Censori denied these allegations via a statement made by Wes’t former Chief of Staff, Milo Yiannopoulos.

I’ve been authorized by Bianca to stress that any allegation that she showed or caused to be shown any pornographic material to minors is offensive, disgusting, abhorrent and categorically and wholly false. This is the most tragic and thirsty lie imaginable.

It’s a little weird that he referred to the “lie” as “thirsty” but okay then. To each their own, I suppose.