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Wild Video Shows Danny Trejo Getting Into A Brawl During Weird 4th of July Parade

Los Angeles legend Danny Trejo was celebrating the 4th of July by rolling down the street in a nice little classic convertible during a parade in a neighborhood in LA.

While driving down the street, someone from the crowd pelted the car with multiple water balloons. This didn’t sit well with Trejo. In fact, it really pissed him off.

He got out of the vehicle and walked straight to the person who was throwing the balloons. Trejo tried to land a left hook, but he kinda missed, and the other guy was able to land a pretty solid blow. Trejo fell back to the ground, but to his credit, he got back up. And at 80-years-old, that’s all you can really ask for.

As the argument continued, someone threw another balloon and hit Trejo right in the head.

Danny’s posse held him back so he wouldn’t start throwing left hooks again. Meanwhile, cops were called to the scene and dispersed the crowd without arresting anyone.

It looked like a lot of the crowd was rallying against Trejo, which is understandable considering he came in hot with the punches.

But still, throwing water balloons at an 80-year-old dude is kinda messed up. I’d be pissed if I were Trejo too. Plus, he was already in a bad mood because just last week, his beloved chihuahua, Dixie, passed away.


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Give the dude a hug, not a water balloon!