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Is Tobey Maguire Really Dating A 20-Year-Old Girl? His Ex-Wife Says “Heck No!”

This past weekend, rumors started spreading, suggesting 49-year-old ‘Spider-Man‘ actor Tobey Maguire is dating a 20-year-old model named Lily Chee.

The rumors started after Maguire was seen walking Chee to her vehicle following Michael Rubin’s infamous white party event on the Fourth of July.

In the photo, Maguire appears to have his hand placed on Chee’s lower back, which would indicate there is something going on between them. You wouldn’t put your hand on your bro’s lower back, you know?

But according to his ex-wife, Jennifer Meyer, the rumors are false. She responded to a troll on her Instagram account, who wrote, “Why is your ex-husband banging someone 3 years older than your daughter,” which is a pretty silly question to ask in the first place. Why the hell does she need to answer for her ex-husband?

In any event, she responded to the idiot and basically said Maguire was just being a good guy…

I don’t usually respond to such nonsense, but he was kindly helping a friend to her car. Being a good guy. And now he has [been] blasted online for dating someone he is not. But thank you for your rude comment. I hope it made you feel better today.

She also responded to another similar comment and called Maguire, “as good of a guy as it gets,” and reminded people to not believe everything they read.

That being said, Maguire is best friends with Leonardo DiCaprio and is often spotted hanging out with him and a bunch of models on yachts and sh*t. I wouldn’t be shocked if Maguire has banged at least a couple of them.