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Missing American Climber Found Mummified 22 Years Later On Mountain In Peru After Being Buried By Avalanche

22 years ago, U.S. mountaineer William Stampfl and his two friends, Steve Erskine and Matthew Richardson, went out to summit Mount Huascaran in Peru.

It’s one of the highest peaks in the Andes and is the 4th highest mountain in South America. It’s a fairly popular climb and it usually takes climbers at least one week to reach the top.

Sadly, back in 2002 when William and his friends attempted the climb, there was a massive avalanche. They were buried under the snow, and while Steve’s body was found a short time later, William and Matthew were never found.

That is until now. Matthew’s body is still missing, but a group of climbers discovered William’s mummified body recently about 5,200 meters up the 6,768-meter mountain. For reference, 5,200 meters is roughly 17,000 feet.