kim kardashian and kanye west rumors end in a video Shoot….


There has been a lot of buzz about the hip hop all-star dating Miss Kardashian, but I think it’s all hype. It has been confirmed by both TMZ and Rolling Stone (and now TVSmack Talk) that Kanye has shot a scene in Kim Kardashian’s new music video for her upcoming album. Album?!? Yep.

Sounds very Jennifer Lopez – ish, however we know J-Lo was slightly more than a big butt. She was a fly girl for “In Living Color” and can sing a lil. Kim, well besides looking good, and a little movie she starred in (with Ray J), I’m not sure if she is talented. However, she is smart. Hype Williams is reportedly producing the video, and The Dream is heavily involved with her album. With that much help, possibly a Kanye Track, that face and “dat ass” how can she possible fail? We’ll be here waiting to Talk Smack one way or the other.