Who is the Old Navy Kim Kardashian Look alike? Melissa Molinaro!

Wow, God must have been having a good day when he made Kim Kardashian because he decided to make two!  There is an Old Navy commercial that looks like Kim Kardashian in the center but I know Kim (and her bootie) and that was not her!

Then clicking through the web, I noticed Sports Illustrated had this Un-curvy Kim as the “Lovely Lady of the Day”.

Upon further investigating I found out this “Kim Twin” is Melissa Molinaro.

Apparently Melissa is no stranger to Hollywood and has been trying to find her big break for quite some time now.

In the Old Navy commercial (shown below) she performs a song called “Super C-U-T-E”.

Melissa has been in the industry for quite some time even making an appearance in P-Diddy’s “Making the Band”.   She’s also been on “The Young and the Restless” and “Grounded for Life”.

She had a brief stint in a band called Goddess and has recently released a solo CD called “The Love Dance Project”.

Hmmmm Kim Kardashian looks AND some actual talent.  This could be scary good!!