Jennifer Lopez Ex-husband Oani Noa wins for Video Release

We forget sometimes that our beloved J-lo was once married, not once, but twice! And now it looks like, after years of trying, one of the deadbeat husbands is finally able to make a buck off of the marriage.

J-Lo’s ex goes by the name of Oani Noa. He met J-lo back in 1997 when he was a waiter!! A Waiter! That was probably the best tip of his life. They married shortly only to be divorced within a year. They parted on friendly terms, and Lopez even hired Noa to work in her own restaurant.

Jenny and Noa!  Awww.


Things started to go bad when Lopez ended up firing him, and had him sign a confidentiality agreement. Rumor has it, that Ben Affleck had something to do with this.
Noa tried to release a book about the marriage and got sued. Court documents showed that the book was going to claim Lopez cheated on Noa during their brief marriage – including a fling with current hubby Marc Antony, who she wed in 2004.

Jenny was awarded $545,000 in compensation and Noa was ordered to hand over all copies of materials related the book to Lopez’s legal team.

Now we run into this film…again.

It’s a compilation of over 21 hours of home footage, where J-lo can be seen flashing the camera and other playful semi-nude things that one would expect in one’s home. The clips were filmed using a home camcorder and also has the couple’s marriage proposal, wedding and honeymoon.

Footage also includes candid moments of Noa practicing lines for a soap opera, Lopez rehearsing scenes from her hit film “Selena,” and the couple cooking and swimming.

There are no reports of sex scenes and the proposed project is titiled:
How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The J-Lo and Ojani Noa Story

Ed Meyer, the executive producer of the project said:

“Claudia Vazquez has been allowed to release the home videos of Ojani and Jennifer. The project will deal with JLo’s rise to fame, and her marriage to Ojani. Claudia will be meeting with video distributors on Tuesday, and hopefully, a deal can be made very soon.”

Somehow J-Lo’s lawyer dropped the ball on this one, and now it’s a live project.

From everything I hear….I doubt we will ever get to see it, but if it does get released, I will have a front row seat!
Oh, that other bum J-lo married was Cris Judd. He was the choreographer. I wonder what he’s doing now.