Infamous Subway L-Train Girl Fight – Only one Girl in the Wrong, we take a Stand [VIDEO]

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When you run a blog that gets as many hits as I do, you can take time out for a worthy cause.  I heard on the radio this morning (Hot 97.1) of two women who had a fight on the L train.  Then I continued to hear how these women were trash, ghetto, etc.  How a baby was put at risk and it’s a shame.  How they should have been more mature etc.

So Yes, it’s a shame this happened and yes the baby was put at risk.  There is no doubt about that.

I watched the clip and I have to say the woman with the weave and white shirt is none of the above.  She is a woman who didn’t want to give up her seat, and for that reason she got maced! She got maced and then she preceded to whoop butt!  What would you do if someone was macing you ? Just sit there and pass out!

Now the only person that should be called every name in the book is the mother.  You have a baby, and you are macing people on the train.  I’m not sure if you have ever been around mace, but it’s no joke.  It gets in your lungs and you can’t breathe, but it affects everyone around.  That’s why you see people scatter and hear people coughing.  That’s why no one immediately breaks up the fight.

When the woman in the blue is yelling for her baby, she should have thought about that before she pulled out her mace.  If you’ve never been maced, you have no idea what that is, so you could think someone is trying to kill you, at that point you have to fight, and fight she did.

So “WWIW” (Weave-less woman in White), I got your back.  Not only are you right on this issue, you are truly gangsta because you were maced and still whopped her butt.   That’s going out like a boss. Not to mention, she might have been in a heavier weight class.

If you were older, maybe of a different race and lost that fight, you would have been a victim. The story would have totally been different and charges would have probably been brought upon the mother.  However, since you got the job done, you are trash, when really you were probably just trying to get somewhere and handle your business on a 100 degree day in NY.

Shout out to all my bossy chicks on Friday from your boy Cosmo.


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