Dave Chappelle Booed off Stage, Oh My! [video]

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Dave Chappelle Booed off Stage, Oh My!

Well, Dave might be back, but he’s not in top form.  He was actually booed off stage!  The great legendary Dave Chappelle booed?  That’s like Mike Tyson getting knocked out!

The show was at the Summer Groove event, a charity sponsored by NBA legend Alonzo Mourning.  Dave was apparently behind the times.  He complained about being video taped by fans, who then begin to boo and heckle him. If he wasn’t MIA and living on a farm in Ohio, Chappelle would have known that everyone video tapes everything all the time.

Chappelle was on stage for 46 minutes and had only told 1 joke.

He seemed to be visibly confused and spent most of the time checking his text messages!! It appeared as if he couldn’t remember the material that he was going to use for the show.

Now during this whole Winehouse incident we have become sensitive to onstage odd behavior, and this was indeed odd.

To his defense, stand up his hard; but when you have the resume and following of Dave Chappelle you would basically have to take a dump on stage to get booed.  That’s basically what Dave did.  The video clip below has the disturbing footage.

Come on Dave, we’re rooting for you to pull it together.


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