Entourage The Movie – Coming Soon…..Maybe!

As one of my all-time favorite shows, and that’s saying a lot, I admit I was super sad to hear that it’s Entourage’s last season.  However, I love it when a show goes out on top.  As Season 7 came to a close, I said to myself, “That was a great Season, that is a great show”.

Well now I’m hearing the buzz of “Entourage The Movie!”   We went down this road with “The Sopranos.”  Remember that.  I thought Tony was coming to the big screen, just to be let down, big time!

Well Emmanuelle Chriqui aka Sloane, told Fox & Friends that the producers and creators have seriously talked about it so fear not, “Entourage” fans!

She also mentioned that E and Sloan’s wedding is on hold. WTF!!!  I didn’t need to hear that; but if you watched last night then you already know this.

 “I don’t know that E and Sloan were ever perfect,” said Chriqui. “It’s true love, but it’s been a ping-pong relationship. My (character’s) dad decided that, unbeknownst to me, to try and get E to sign a prenup—and that just didn’t go over well at all. So we start season eight not together.”

Kevin Connolly aka “E” told CNN in response to the question of a movie:

“You are going to get a movie, it’s just a matter of when.  We just want to do it the right way.  We could just go hammer one out, but we don’t want to end a successful eight year run on a show with a crappy movie.”

The man behind the scenes Mark Wahlberg, also the person who’s life “Entourage” is based on,  spoke on the subject back during the premier of “The Fighter”.

“We have one last season left on TV and then it would probably take place after the finale,” There are places to go. I’m still here all these years later, aren’t I? My story didn’t end in my 20s.”

Wahlberg also agreed with Connolly:

“We won’t make it if we don’t have a good script.”

That’s good to know, because I wouldn’t want to see it without a good script – then again, I’d still be there and buy the DVD!!  I will keep my ears to the ground on this one.


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