R.I.P. Bubba Smith Aka Hightower, Police Academy Star Dead at 66.

High Tower is no more.  Charles Aaron (Yep, that’s right, his birth certificate didn’t read “Bubba”) was found in his Los Angeles home dead. The immediate speculation is natural causes. 

We know him from TV, but the older generation know him for his on field skills first.  He played for Michigan state and was one of the most dominant defensive linemen to ever play college ball.  He is actually in the college hall of fame after winning honors in his 1965 and 1966 years. 

Just how good was he in the NFL?

Well he was the 1967 number one draft pick for the Colts.  He was 6’7” and 265 pounds and they say he was impossible to block. 

THREE TEAMS: Colts, Raiders and Oilers

PRO BOWLS: 2 and first team all pro in 1971

SUPER BOWLS: III and V  (wow, that was back I the day)

SUPER BOWL RINGS: One, he was on the Colts winning team in Super Bowl V.

He went straight from football in to TV commercials where he pitched beer.  He was known for his tag line:

“I also love the easy opening cans”.

After realizing that he was promoting alcohol to the youth he turned down other contracts to promote beer. His big break came when he entered “The Police Academy”. Introducing Moses Hightower.  One of three of the most rememberable characters of the series.  The first 3 installments are certifiable classics.  He also made appearances on “Good Times”, “Half Nelson” and “Blue Thunder. “

Nothing to say here, nothing funny.  Just a simple RIP.  66 isn’t that old, and he was a good man.  No scandal, no drugs and an awareness for our youth.  Rest in Peace Big Man. 


some funny Hightower Clips below….

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