Sean Kingston Has Open Heart Surgery Just Days After Jet Ski Accident

Still don't understand the chain......

Back in May we didn’t realize that our boy Sean Keezee was in such poor health.  I mean, we knew he was a big boy, but we didn’t think that he was “Heart Surgery” big.

Just eleven days after his tragic Jet-ski debacle, the rude boy had a torn aorta and had to go through open heart surgery!!  As told to, he was all ready to leave the hospital when he felt crazy pains in his chest.  Luckily he was in the hospital already.  They ran some tests and rushed him into the operating room,

One of the operating doctors told the Today Show

“He tried to die a couple of times with us, but we refused to let him die,”

Kingston recalls being in a lot of pain,

“I had a lot of pain,But when I went to visit the surgeon [afterward], he said, ‘Yo, you had a guardian angel that day.’ “

That would have been crazy.  Sean is only 21, rich and talented.  That would have been a sad R.I.P post.

With that being said, homeboy weighed over 300 pounds before the accident.  Now after being literally scared to death he has already lost 70 lbs.

He said that he stopped eating after 6 PM along with increased physical activity.

“I do the bicycle, I do the treadmill, I play basketball. But I got to keep it up and lose more weight, It’s easy to gain weight when you’re in the studio. That’s how it first started out, but I’m cutting all that out. I don’t eat after 6 [p.m.], and then I really just do the treadmill, and that’s what it is. I feel a lot better.”

DAYUUMMM – No food after 6 PM?  That’s a little harsh.  What time do you go to bed 7:30?

Well I’m just glad to see that he’s pulling himself together and getting right.  To be young and rich and eat yourself to death is unfair to those who are young and broke but eat responsibly….and that’s the truth…..Oprah!  (Sorry, but with all that money  I still don’t understand why she’s fat – but that’s just me).


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