Bachelorette Ashley Hebert’s sister Chrystie Corns Apologizes for being Judgemental, Why?

Of course I watch “The Bachelorette” are you kidding me?  This is called TV Smack Talk!

That made me one of the 9 million people who watched the finale including Ben getting rejected.  I was like,


But the part that I enjoyed the most was when Ashley’s sister came and spoke the “truth”.  Everyone is scared to speak the truth, but Chrystie Corns had no fear.  I agree with her, don’t bring me all the way out here on the show and then get pissed when I give you my opinion.  It’s like your opinion is only right if you agree with me.  That’s crazy.

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She had no problem telling JP Rosenbaum that she didn’t see the connection, then she poured salt into the wound that she inflected by saying that the chemistry between Ashley and Brad was better.  OUCH!

Unfortunately now she is back peddling.

“I made a big mistake,” Corns tells PEOPLE of hastily judging Rosenbaum and telling him he wasn’t a good match for Ashley. “As I started watching the season, however, it’s very clear to me that J.P. was the one. He was the best choice.”

I wouldn’t say you made a mistake.  I don’t care what you think, but she was brought there to make a judgment call quickly and she did, and it was based off her only point of reference, How Ashley was when she was with Brad.

“What I didn’t take into consideration at that point was that she had been on this eight-week journey and she was really tired,”

She is citing this as the reason for her sister’s lack of enthusiasm when she and JP were at dinner with the family.

“I’m totally apologetic, I feel like a jerk – I want to make it up to him but he won’t let me forget it,”

I say you have nothing to apologize for.  You were only looking out for your sister and that given the 2 hours that you had to make a call, you did.  Kudos to you girl.


Was Ashley sister Chrystie Corns on Extreme Couponing?

Yes, she actually runs  which is actually a coupon blog.  She does well with the blog (extremely well) and was asked to be on the show.  Her episode ran in May.  Here is a typical video that can be found on her blog:

After watching her on the show speak her mind, I’m a fan, and plus, “I love to Gossip” too!!