J-Lo’s Deal is so Big, Steven Tyler Want’s More Cheese

I knew she wasn’t going to get the Simon Cowell 30.4 million deal she was going for but $20 million is still a huge chunk of change for the new single mother of twins.  Actually, Jennifer Lopez’s deal is rumored to be $19.3 to be exact.

Now Steven Tyler is like, “What gives? Where’s MY loot?”.  Ok, those are my words not his.  A source told the NY Post

“J.Lo’s management is close to brokering her a huge deal to come back to the panel for at least one more season, and the side effect is that it means her fellow judges also want more money”

Yeah no s**t.  Steven Tyler is just as much of a celebrity as J-Lo and neither of them have the presence on the show as Simon Cowell.  I personally think J-Lo is extremely replaceable and if she didn’t have “Idol”, she would be slowly sinking back into nothing-dum, like when she broke up with Diddy.  If I was Steven, I would be making a stink too….but only a little stink because he can be replaced too.

The same source spoke regarding Steven’s deal,

“Steven is halfway through a two-year deal, and his management has asked for more money, They argue he was just as sensational and as popular on the panel as Jennifer. But, on the other side, show bosses argue he’s tied into a deal and has to stick to it.”

I say keep Seacrest for his last year, pay Randy what he wants and get too new faces.  It all doesn’t matter because we are all now waiting for The X-factor.  We want Paula and Simon, Idol is so, so, last year!


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