August 14th, 2011- CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS

John Galsworthy, English novelist and playwright, b.1867

Halle Berry turns 45! Still Stunning!!

David Crosby, American member of Crosby, Stills & Nash, 70

Steve Martin, American actor and comedian, 66

Wim Wenders, German film director, 66

Susan St. James, American actress, 65

Antonio Fargas, American actor, 65

Danielle Steele, American author, 64

Gary Larson, American cartoonist, 61

Jackee Harry, American actress, 55

Magic Johnson, American basketball player, 52

Marcia Gay Harden, American Oscar-winning actress, 52

Sarah Brightman, English musical soprano, 51

Emmanuelle Beart, French actress, 48

Halle Berry, American Oscar-winning actress, 45

Catherine Bell, American actress, 43

Ana Matronic, American singer, 37

Mila Kunis, American actress, 28

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