Dr. Makes Internet Millions on Stutter Cure for the Stars…and it Works!

Kreitberg In his Element

Build a Better mousetrap and they will come.

We have all read the stories of famous people who used to Stutter, James Earl Jones, Tiger Woods, Bill Walton…and the list goes on.

Well introducing Dr. Ari Krietberg.  Speech Therapist turned internet millionaire.  He has made and continues to make a fortune on his award winning product, Kill Your Stutter.

As a therapist working primarily with affluent families in L.A.,  Krietberg realized the stuttering was a lot more prevalent then most people realized.  After helping the child of a very influential Hollywood couple, and seeing how grateful the parents were, he knew he was on to something.

He then begin to specialize in stutter prevention therapy and developed a system that not only worked, but worked quickly. His system tackeled some of the age old questions:

Why do people stutter

how can i stop stammering

The Cause of Stuttering

And not how to control stuttering, but how to eliminate it!

When asked why his system works, Krietberg answers,

“Quick results encourage the patient, encouragement causes belief, and belief yields result”


Kreitberg's cluttered Garage - Yes, 2 Ferrari's & A Porsche

After working with a high profile silicon valley executive, the client approached Kreitberg and suggested turning his method into a self-taught product and marketing it on the internet.  Kreitberg, not really being an organizer – as can be seen from his office and garage photos, he enlisted the internet marketers support to bring his product to market.

Skeptical at first, if the method could be effective as self-taught, he learned that the ability to work through the steps in the privacy of your own home, actually made the method more effective!

Sales were slow at first, but after a dozen A-list celebrity children had success as well as Kreitberg offering an 8 week money back guarantee, sales shot through the roof.  He now averages 600 sales per month, sometimes going many months without a single return.

What’s next?  He is duplicating this program to eliminate lisps.  Why Not?