Anthony Bourdain Lashes out at the Food Industry…and Paula Deen.

What Did Anthony Bourdain say About Paula Deen?

During an interview last week Anthony Bourdain took the gloves off and let ‘er rip.  In reference to Paula Deen he said,

 “The worst, most dangerous person to America is clearly Paula Deen, She revels in unholy connections with evil corporations and she’s proud of the fact that her food is f—ing bad for you.”


Oh no, that’s not all folks.  He also said that she should think twice about telling an already over weight nation to eat food that’s killing us.  Then to put icing on the cake, or sugar sprinkles on the Gooey butter cake, he says,

“Oh, and “her food sucks.”

I have to admit, I do not really watch Anthony’s show, “No Reservations” but I might now.  Paula Deen wasn’t the only target.

About Guy Fieri

“I look at Guy Fieri and I just think, ‘Jesus, I’m glad that’s not me.’

About Sandra Lee

“I hate her works on this planet.”

About Rachel Ray

“Does she even cook anymore? I don’t know why she bothers.”

This guy is like Chef Ramsey!  Anthony attempted to put an end to the matter via twitter (of course)……

“Resolved: Next time I’m asked (for the millionth time) who the worst cooks on Food Network are, I’ll just shut up. Who cares?”

I guess he’s not in the friend making business.  BRUTAL!!


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