Funny man, Donald Faison Finally gets engaged.

The “Scrubs” star has been dating Cacee Cobb for quite a while, almost 7 years.

Who is Cacee Cobb? 

Good Question.  I asked the same thing.  You will get a kick out of this…She has an IMDB page, she is Jessica Simpson’s assistant.  I didn’t know you could have a page as an assistant.

After he popped the question he took to twitter, and it became a tweet fest!

Donald wrote,

 “If you like it then you better put a Ring on it. –Beyonce.”

Cacee tweeted back,

 “If she likes it then she better say YES!!”

Then Zach Braff  jumps in with a tweet of his own.

 “Congrats to @donald_faison and @caceecobb on their engagement, Just wish I was there to run around you both with sparklers.”

Then finally from Jessica Simpson,

“Congrats @caceecobb! I love u and ur man!”

WTF!  Maybe I’m just grumpy because it’s Monday, but some days I just hate twitter.  This will be Donald’s 2nd marriage.  He’s been divorced from Lisa Askey since 2005, and has one child from that marriage.

Faison and Son

Donald with his Ex-Wife Lisa Askey

Donald Faison is on the short list of celebrities I would hang out with on a Friday night.  He’s been hilarious since “New Jersey Drive”, great in “Remember the Titans” and even saved the movie “King’s Ransom” from being a train wreck.  Good Luck with this marriage.  The 2nd time’s a charm.