Former Real Housewife of Atlanta, Lisa Hartwell Announces Separation from husband Ed Hartwell.

I can’t really say that I saw this coming.  I actually thought Lisa and her husband Ed had a good thing going on.  She seemed to genuinely support him and he her.  Oh Well – I’ve been wrong before – cough, cough, “J-Lo” cough, cough.

After five years of marriage the couple is calling it quits.  She confirmed the split on twitter where she also tries to dispute the rumors that it’s due to money problems that her relationship is ending.

The Estate that was Foreclosed On

After their first two seasons of “the Real Housewives” their house was foreclosed on.  Ed Hartwell was shown trying to get in shape for an NFL tryout.  out in hopes of being picked up, but that didn’t pan out.  Ed was a former linebacker for the Oakland Raiders, but hasn’t played football in over 4 years.

To show you how fast the real estate market is dropping, back in 2009 their home that was originally purchased for $2.9 million in 2007 was resold for just $1.9 million.  That same house now is said to be worth just over $1 million today.  Ouch.

After they foreclosed they actually purchased another home outright on 10 acres so things weren’t that bad.

Lisa has a ton of hustles, she owns a real estate firm – Hartwell & Associates, a jewelry line – Wu Girls, a child’s clothing line – Hart 2 Hart Baby, and she’s an author and screen play writer.

As everyone likes to say it’s not about money, I bet you dollars to donuts if Ed was still pulling in an NFL check they would still be married.  Pressure busts pipes – when the millions are pouring in, you can slap your name on any business endeavor and call it a success, hire a bunch of people and play “boss”.   A million dollars can take a bunch of fake businesses a long way.

When the millions stop and you need these so called businesses to start paying out, things get a little stressful.  That’s where they are now……Welcome to stress-ville.

Now with three kids by two baby daddy’s, let’s see how well Lisa does, even if your first baby’s daddy is Keith Sweat.


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