Funny Clip Friday – Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. Audition – Amazing [VIDEO]

We give so much props to Britain’s Got talent and all of these other variety shows, but we have some super stars of our own.  America’s Got Talent is nothing to take lightly.  Landau Eugene Murphy Jr is definitely one of this years biggest surprises.   I watch this show (of course), so I remember the moment this dude rolls up.  He’s doing little Bobby Impressions for Howie, he’s chewing gum, he works in a car wash……’s all fun and games until…he “Put it Down”.

If there is someone that I would watch perform in Vegas, it would be him.  The voice is like velvet.  Rightfully so, he made it to the finals!  I think he’s going to be the one getting his cars detailed….real soon.


Landau Murphy Jr. Top 10 Performance on America’s Got Talent

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