Funny Clip Friday – Oprah & Usher Versus the Yelling Goat

This thing has gone Viral but not to All the people who would get a kick out of this so I figure I would help matters along with this post.

It all started with a Youtube Clip of a goat, that sounds like a man yelling.  Big deal right?  So I started seeing this everywhere, but never take the time to look at it.  Then in typical internet fashion, remixes of the video start to appear and those go Viral.

For Funny Clip Friday, I have the original, then the Oprah battle, and finally the Usher version.  Stupid? Yes.  Funny…debatable.  But it reminds me that there is one thing I don’t miss about Oprah, and that’s that insidious yelling. Agghhhhhhhhh!!!

I have to admit….the goat sounds good on the User Remix.  Somebody sign him!!



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