George Clooney takes his new Boo, Stacy Kiebler Out Partying!

The Bachelor’s Bachelor, Clooney just keeps them coming.  His new Boo is Stacy Kiebler.  She is always referred to as a former wrestler…what is that? A wrestler?  Really?

Let me explain.  She was part of the Nitro Girls on WCW, and then went on to be a manager of several wrestling acts.  Of course the managing was “for TV” but she was paid well for the shtick.  She then migrated on to bit rolls on TV shows like “Chuck”, “How I met Your Mother” and she placed third on the 2nd Season of Dancing With the Stars, getting the nickname “Weapon of mass Seduction”.

That’s saying a lot for the 31 year old, who is now playing the role of landing the ultimate playboy, 50 year old Clooney.

Her first goal of a public appearance was accomplished last night as they were seen leaving a Toronto Film Festival Party together.

A witness who spotted the couple together stated:

‘They were comfortable and affectionate and seemed socially poised as a couple.’

George just broke up with Elisabetta Canalis in June.  As she became more vocal about her intentions of marry and giving birth to Clooney Jr., George move her closer and closer to the curb.

Hopefully Stacy is taking notes.


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