First Look: Jennifer Lopez’s new Video Papi [video]

You can hate all you want, but this is a comeback of the ages.  I mean, literally she was barely mentioned in conversation a few years ago, now she is in more stuff then a Kardashian.  At 42, she knows exactly what she is doing.  I think she has a sense of the industry and how quickly fame fades so she is going all in. 

She was filming her video Papi at the same time as scenes from her new movie with Jason Statham, called Parker.  J-Lo doing double duty.  That’s What’s up. 

The premise of the video is that she is given a magic cookie.  After she eats it, men just can’t resist her.  She is then surrounded by a gang of men, and she fights them off with her dance moves.  Cheesy yes….Sexy..Hell Yes! 

For that much Sexy, I can endure a little Cheese. 


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