Max Clifford Says that Simon Cowell and Hussainy are Closer then Ever

After a crazy interview on Howard Stern where he told the shock jock that he was “not sure” if he was still engaged, and then moving Hussainy out of his main house into the “girlfriend graveyard”, Simon’s good friend Max Clifford says the pair are still together.

PR Guru Max Clifford

Even more recent has been reports that not only has Simon called off his engagement but he has actually been seeing someone else.

Max Clifford said he told this to Simon, to which Cowell responded

“Who is the mystery girl as I haven’t met her and I don’t know her”.’

When questioned further about the wedding Max Clifford’s response was,

‘Well I don’t know about planning a wedding – I think you might have to wait 20 years for Simon to plan a wedding but they are as close as they’ve ever been.’

This is a big week for Simon with the X-factor Amercian Premiere on Wednesday, I’m sure he could care less about break up rumors.