Jennifer Aniston pay $450,000 for a Glenn Ligon Abstract Painting

Who said that you had to be dead to make money as an artist.  Glenn Ligon just cashed in!  His painting sold for $450,00 to no other then Jennifer Aniston.

The painting is called Stranger #44.  The event was the Artists for Haiti Charity Auction.

The piece is shown in the photo above.  Ligon is a gay, African American artist who is known for creating large, text-based paintings in which a phrase chosen from literature or other sources is repeated over and over, eventually dissipating into murk.

The $450,000 price tag was record for one of Ligon’s pieces.

An insider told the New York Post,

“People were clapping and cheering, which rarely happens at art auctions. The auctioneer was right out of central casting, and she was joking with Ben [Stiller] in the front row.”

Stiller said:

“We are so grateful to all of the artists who dedicated their time and talent to help raise an extraordinary amount of money that will be utilized as efficiently and quickly as possible to help the people of Haiti. Christie’s and David Zwirner Gallery worked very hard to make this a success and I am thankful to have them as partners in this effort.”

Jennifer Aniston dropped a ton of cash on the Ligon piece, but her purchase wasn’t the most expensive. A Marlen Dumas sold for $2,000,000 and a Luc Tuymans sold for $1,150,000

Glenn Ligon's Stranger #44,

Wait a second…this was a charity event?  Does that mean….oh hell naw!  Ligon doesn’t get any of that money?  Well now that he knows how much he’s worth, he bet to break out the box of Crayolas and get busy!


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