Lifetime was Not Feeling “Roseanne’s Nuts”, Show Gets Cancelled

Roseanne is like a one hit wonder.  After ruling the airwaves with her groundbreaking show Roseanne, which was in the top 20 shows listing for eight of its nine seasons, she has yet been able to duplicate that effort.

Lifetime took a chance with Roseanne’s Nuts and has now cancelled the show after just one season.

Let’s face it, the show sucked, but we all knew it would.  We just thought it was good enough to stay on Lifetime.  I guess I was wrong.

The premise of the show was the camera’s following her around her macadamia nut farm in Hawaii with her boyfriend and her son (That’s why we all knew it would suck).

It started off strong with 1.63 million viewers.  Then the numbers just started to drop.  Then Lifetime decided to move the show to Fridays – which is the kiss of death for anything on television.  The last episode brought in 629,000 viewers which I thought was respectable, but then again, I’m not on the staff for Lifetime.

So what does a woman do, who used to pull in 21 million viewers per episode (with one episode bringing in 43.5 million viewers)?  She tries again.  ABC has given her a deal for a show called “Downwardly Mobile”.  This is back to her roots.  It’s a blue collar, half hour, scripted comedy.  Sound familiar.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Let’s see if she can make this one last…at least longer than one season.


This clip is actually more scary then funny.

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