Boy Filming Risky Behavior for Anderson Cooper’s Show Falls into a Coma!

This actually might get Anderson Cooper the much needed ratings he lust after, but I’m sure this wasn’t what he intended.

Reports say that one of the show’s producers encouraged a teenager to record his wild behavior for a show that was supposed to go deep into the mind of teenagers.

‘As part of our routine process, we ask guests for video footage and photos, We did not provide the family with a camera.’

Blogs and media are reporting as if the producers coaxed the boy to do something like a dare.  Not true.  They basically wanted him to film the crazy stuff that he has already been doing.  That is a big difference.

Right before the boy was about to go to New York for the show, the producers found out that he was injured and had fallen into a coma.  He was injured while performing a crazy skateboard stunt.  Cooper of course was upset stating to Gawker,

‘I was very saddened to hear the news of this accident,’

He added that he wanted to express his ‘deepest concerns’ to the teenager and his ‘thoughts and prayers’ are with the boy and his family.
The Anderson show opened with soft ratings, beating only Wendy Williams.  Yikes!  But after some very emotional shows including one with his super famous mom discussing his brother’s death, ratings have started to improve.

Who is Anderson Cooper’s mom?

Gloria Vanderbilt.  I didn’t know that sh*t either.  Apparently his brother committed suicide in their penthouse apartment.  But get this….he jumped from the apartment with Gloria Vanderbilt standing right there!!

As she tells the story on the “Anderson Show”,

‘I still run through it,’ she said. ‘He was sitting on the wall with one foot on there and one foot hanging over and he kept looking down.

‘And I kept begging him and then when he went, he went like an athlete, and hung over the wall like this.

‘And I said, “Carter, come back”, and for a minute I thought that he was going to come back, but he didn’t. He let go.’

WOW!!  Holy smokes!!  I was finally able to track down some footage of the show.

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