The Next Bachelor is Announced, and It’s Ben Flanjnik of course!

Come on, don’t act surprised.  Who else would it be?

Ben will make his television return in January.  I think the ladies were surprised when Ben got the boot and JP Rosenbaum won over the heart of Ashley Herbert, despite her sister’s public dissatisfaction.

Despite the funky last name, “Flanjnik” Ben will make a decent bachelor.  He’s 28, a wine maker and reasonably good looking, in fact so good looking that he scored a date with Jennifer Love Hewitt.  However, Ben wasn’t feeling her.

I think Ben will be a refreshing change from what I call Psycho Brad “Womack’.  That guy looked like he could snap at any second.  I knew that relationship with Emily Maynard was doomed from the start. Her being a single mom, him being too old for her and her having to move…..just way too much.

A little Somethin-Somethin for the Ladies!

Let’s hope Ben can keep us tuned in.  I’m sure the producer will do their usual good job at throwing in the enough crazies to make it interesting.


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