Marlon Wayans Gets a TV Deal With ABC.

Marlon Wayns looking unusually Serious!

There’s just Way to many Wayans.  Marlon is back and on a major network, ABC.  This boy is putting people out of jobs!  He’s just got a deal to write, executive produce and star in his own comedy.  We haven’t seen one actor do that many things since Eddie Murphy in the dinner scene of the Nutty Professor!

The show will be about two brothers but this time they won’t have a “Pop” that owns a diner, they will be Police Officers.  The theme will be how their lives are changed when one brother has to move in with the other.

This could be super funny, or gone after three weeks.  ABC does not play!!  Just ask the Charlie’s Angel.

Marlon will be getting help from Lisa Blum and Rick Alvarez of Wayans Bros Entertainment.  With Nephew already on ABC’s Happy Ending, they are taking over the joint.

Let’s just hope they are funny.


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