Disney’s Mitchel Musso Arrested for DUI, Blew Well Over a .08!

Another Disney Teen Star gone bad.  What is it with these guys, they just can’t keep their noses clean.  This time it’s Mitchel Musso who plays Oliver Oken on Hannah Montana.  Not only was he arrested for DUI, he’s still 20, he shouldn’t have been drinking in the first place.  Oy Vey!

Guess what time it was when he got pulled over?  YEP 3:45 AM.  It’s always 3:00 AM.

Musso was pulled over at an accident that had nothing to do with him.  Police at the scene of that accident told him to slow down and Musso just didn’t.  Police took notice and pulled the Disney Star over.

He was driving a 2007 black Mercedes and smelled like alcohol.  The officer gave him a field sobriety test and then a breathalyzer.  Musso failed both blowing “well over” a .08 and was taken down to the Burbank Police Station.  He was held on $5000 bail and then was allowed to leave shortly after on his own recognizance

I think Disney should have some morality clause in their contract for these guys.  Disney has an image to uphold  Not only is Musso a star on Hannah Montana, but he’s also on “Pair of Kings” and “PrankStars“.

Don’t give me that Charles’s Barkley I’m not a role model crap because you ARE!!!  Get it together.


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