The Situation Kicked Out of A Vegas Apple Store and Called a D-bag on Twitter

The Situation couldn’t stay out of the news for too long before he got himself into another Situation.  He was trying to get his hands on an iPhone 4S.  Apparently he thought that he was too much of a superstar to wait in line at the Apple Store at the Fashion Show Mall in Las, Vegas Navada.

However an Apple employee begged to differ.  He Peeped The Sitch’s antics and threw him out of the store!

No one gets away with anything at the Apple Store.  The news hit the airwaves before the doorknob could hit Sorentino in the a$$ on the way out.   Artist Laurenn McCubbin broke the news on her twitter – she also calls The Situation king of the DB’s. Ha ha!!

What “The Situation” didn’t know is that Apple Don’t play.  When the 4s first came out, Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple even had to wait in line for his!


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