What Does Zombie Boy Rick Genest Really Look Like? Derma Blend finds Out.[video]

You remember Rick Genest right? I’m sure you have seen him on the internet, or perhaps in Lady Gaga’s Born this Way video?  In an ingenious ad (maybe a little too long), Derma Blend uses Rick’s tattoos to show exactly how powerful their concealer is.

The video starts off with someone sitting on the a chair, then only after the person takes off their shirt and wipes their chest showing what looks like steal to be beneath, that you realize that’s it’s Genest and that his tattoos have all been concealed.  It’ freaky because he looks quite normal.  I’m sure this will get some viral attention and if you doubted he effectiveness of Derma Blen’s product, you don’t now.

Peep the video ad below.


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